Investee companies is an official partner of the AUCHAN, NOVUS, METRO and FOZZY supermarket chains. allows customers to order food, wine (or other alcoholic beverages) and household goods, delivered directly to their home or office. also allows customers to order delivery of their products to supermarkets.

More information at is a service that brings together home delivery services across Ukrainian restaurants, cafes, online supermarkets and stores into a single system. The service allows customers to order food in real time from local restaurants using one Internet portal, with just a few clicks. In addition, helps small businesses to effectively process online orders and gives larger companies an addition source of income.

More information at is a free online search tool to find local doctors and schedule appointments. The service team collects and provides verified information about doctors from various medical institutions and offers a unique rating system allowing patients tp select their doctor based on reviews, rather than advertising.

Clients can choose their doctor own doctor on the website based on expertise, prices, location, ratings and reviews. Appointments can also be made directly via DOC.UA’s call centre.

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KIDOZ is a global secure interactive platform for children which includes mobile applications, games and videos suitable for all devices. The service allows you to your protect children from inappropriate content. In addition, hundreds of brands and developers are able to monetize and distribute high-quality and safe content for children via the KIDOZ platform.

More information at - an online service that directly connects passengers and bus companies. Founded in 2012, today the service connects more than 5 thousand companies on 20 thousand routes across Ukraine, CIS and Europe. During this time, Busfor served more than 300 thousand people.

The service allows you to review all the available travel options online and easily pay for the ticket in the way most convenient for you. Busfor uses its proprietary technology - GDS. This is an innovative system for distribution, booking and the sale of bus tickets, which is used by both companies and bus stations.

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Softcube is a Ukrainian food company with an office in Dnieper, which creates personal recommendations of the same calibre as those of Amazon and Netflix. The service is based on a rather complex methodology, but it is easy to integrate into any online store.

Softcube uses product data and analyses customer history to generate personalised recommendations for online buyers. The results of such smart recommendations are given in the categories “Frequently bought together”, “People who bought this also bought…” etc. Additionally, in conjunction with eSputnik’s online marketing system, personal recommendations are also available by email and SMS. As a result of this, Softcube allows retailers to increase online sales by an average of 7-12%.

Among Softcube clients: Yves Rocher, Allo, Foxtrot, leBoutique, Studio Moderna (TopShop brands Dormeo). Softcube works with shops in 11 countries, processes more than 500 GB of data per day. In Ukraine alone, Softcube knows what more than 15 million users per month are looking for in stores.

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