On 3rd August, the children’s platform KIDO’Z (Israel) attracted another round of investments from a number of big international investors, including the Ukrainian investment company CIG (Chernovetskyi Investment Group) according to the company’s press service.

The total amount of the investment was not revealed. However, according to the company’s managing partner Vladimir Krivko, CIG has invested $1 million in the current round.

In October 2013, KIDO’Z had already obtained $1,2 million in investments from LOOLVentures and three other private investors.

KIDO’Z is a game and media platform for kids, which turns a regular smartphone or tablet into a completely child-friendly device. With a specially designed interface for children, KIDO’Z protects the device from any problems that may occur due to its use by children, such as deleting apps, making calls or placing unintentional purchases.

Since 2008, the platform KIDO’Z has been installed on millions of devices in more than 100 countries around the world.

It is important to note that KIDO’Z was chosen by leading manufacturers including leading market giants Samsung, LG, Acer, Polaroid, Hisense, T-Mobile, Sprout TV for their tablets where KIDO’Z is installed as a children’s operating system.

“The funds obtained in this round will be used to improve the technology of the project, strengthen its position on the market, as well as achieve a leading position among companies in our segment on the world stage,” announced Gai Havkin, KIDO’Z founder and CEO.

While the CIG managing director Andrey Krivorchuk said that on top of its effective business model, the project stands out due its powerful social component, as it allows parents to protect their children from content that could be harmful to them.

CIG had previously invested in Ukrainian IT companies such as, and (GV Machines). The latter participated in the world-renowned Techstars accelerator programme in Boston.

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