CIG is an investment company and one of the largest venture capitalist firms in Eastern Europe.
When considering investing in projects, at any stage of their development, we are looking for growth potential and an ability to scale. We are also seeking talented and creative partners to support and develop. Our objective is to find partners to share victories with!

We are not just another fund
Unlike typical venture capital funds in the market, we measure our effectiveness by the quality of our investments and not by their number. We invest our own capital, as opposed to other people’s and only invest when we see real potential in a project.

We get just what we need
Usually, we look for a share of up to 25%.

We are here to help
We always welcome a seat on the Board of our partners’ companies. This helps us to maintain focus and provide support whenever it is needed.  

We give more than we take We have many years of experience working with entrepreneurs and experts, and have extensive contacts with leading investors in the USA, India, Europe and Southeast Asia. We actively participate in the development and promotion our projects in new markets and help them to raise further rounds of funding when required.

We are building a better future
Stepan Chernovetskyi, CIG President, businessman and philanthropist, is devoted to the development of technologies that can improve the world and people’s quality of life.  

Read more about the President of CIG here.

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