About the CIG President

Stepan began his career at the leading Ukrainian bank Pravex, following the successful completion of his law degree.

Stepan occupied various managerial positions at the bank, before being appointed Senior Vice President of Pravex. Later, he became a member of the bank’s Supervisory Board.

After the sale of Pravex Bank in 2008 to Italian Intesa Sanpaolo, Stepan began to manage the family’s assets, in addition to running his own assets and businesses. Since then he has a made several successful investments in various areas, including real estate and the global financial markets.

In 2012, Stepan decided to create the Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG). Today, the company invests various projects in the IT sphere including e-commerce, infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture.

Stepan Chernovetsky is also the president of leading sports promotions company Elite Boxing Promotion. He is also a dedicated philanthropist through his family-run charity, the Chernovetskyi Charity Fund.


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